Evening legal advice clinic

The clinic

The Law Centre works with volunteers from private practice solicitors firms to offer free legal advice on issues not covered by its team of advisers/solicitors.


The clinic offers initial advice on a range of issues including family, employment, insurance, motoring and small claims.


The clinic aims to give one-off advice and will not take on cases.


Clients are advised on whether they have a case, and on what legal remedies are available.


Where further advice and support is required, guidance will be given to enable clients to choose a law firm or advice organisation to act for them.



Clinic sessions are held every alternate Thursday evening, between 5.30pm and 7.00pm.


Access to the service is by appointment made through the Law Centre’s reception and six appointment slots are available for each session.


Other advice clinics

Nottingham Trent University Law School run a Legal Advice Centre.


See Nottingham Trent University website for details.