Nottingham Law Centre successfully challenged the Council in order to prevent a client from becoming homeless.

In June 2024, a client contacted Nottingham Law Centre, seeking advice as he was at risk of homelessness. The City Council had found him to to be not in priority need, meaning that they had no full duty to rehouse him. 

This was a potentially disastrous finding for the client, who was likely to become homeless given this decision.

Thankfully, Nottingham Law Centre was able to successfully challenge the council's decision that the client was not priority need, and the council have now accepted a full duty to find him suitable accommodation.

Not all heroes wear capes

The client was extremely grateful to the advisers at the Law Centre, stating after the successful challenge: "I don't know how I could have got through it without you."

The advisors at the Law Centre are equally pleased that they could help to prevent the client, who is rightfully priority need, from the risk of living on the streets.

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