I had gotten myself into a very bad financial situation due to not keeping up with my mortgage payments, and failing to pay Council Tax for a few months. Due to my age, I struggled to work more than a few shifts a week and, with the cost of living crisis, it became increasingly difficult to keep up with my bills and put food on the table.

I was recommended to the Law Centre for help with my spiraling debts. They walked through all my debts with me and then helped me to get Breathing Space so I had time to manage everything.

They also told me that I was entitled to claim Pension Credit, which I was not aware of, and this gave me extra money which I used for food and bills. It also meant that I could receive Winter Fuel and Cost of Living Payments, which were a massive help. I am so grateful that the Law Centre told me about this; it has really made a difference.

The Law Centre was excellent, well informed and gave out valuable information.

The service at the Law Centre was brilliant from beginning to end. They never made me feel ashamed of my debts but instead helped me to face them head on.

Keep doing what you do, Nottingham Law Centre!

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