I was at huge risk of being homeless and so I made an application to the Council for accommodation. As I had two young children who were living with me, I was told that I was in priority need and that the Council would find us somewhere suitable to live.

I was given an offer of accommodation by the Council but, when I went to view the property, I found that it was awful and highly unsuitable for me and my children to live in. I contacted the Law Centre for help as I did not know if I was able to challenge the offer, or whether this was my only option.

The advise they gave me was so clear and understandable, and they were willing to explain everything as many times as necessary. I was told that I should accept the offer, and request a review, so that I had still had the accommodation as a fallback if the review was not successful. 

Luckily, the review went well and I was given a new offer of accommodation that was far more livable in. It actually felt like a home: it was spacious, clean, safe, and far better to raise children in.

Using the Nottingham Law Centre's help increases likelihood that your case will be resolved positively.
Having the Law Centre's guidance throughout the review process was fundamental in both helping me and my children find a better home, and in reducing the stress that was on our family. Thank you!
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