The Law Centre co-ordinates a duty scheme at Court to offer advice and representation to individuals at mortgage and rent possession Hearings.

What we do

The Court normally lists housing possession cases in blocks on particular days. The Law Centre tries to ensure that either a Law Centre solicitor or adviser attends or arranges for a solicitor or adviser from another agency or firm of solicitors to attend.

Advisers and solicitors within the scheme are sometimes able to represent at Hearings to suspend Warrants for Eviction. This is possible where cases have been block listed or when we are already at Court and have availability to deal with additional cases.

Free advice and representation is offered to all individuals who do not already have representation.

The help is available to tenants and home owners but not to landlords or lenders.

No means testing

The Legal Aid Agency funds the scheme but, unlike standard public funding for advice and representation, access to the scheme is currently irrespective of income. There is no means test, although details of income and savings are recorded as part of funding requirements.

After the hearing

After the Hearing a letter is sent, setting out the circumstances of the case and explaining what has happened at Court. This includes what Orders the Court has made and outlines any need for further advice.

Where further advice is necessary, the individual will either be given an appointment or referred to the appropriate agency.

We recommend

That individuals seek advice as early as possible and avoid relying on the availability of the duty scheme to get advice. However, if this has not happened an individual can turn up at Court and be seen.

It is advisable to arrive at least half an hour before the time of your Court hearing. 

Please bring all Court papers and any paperwork relating to Housing Benefit. The more information the adviser/solicitor has, the better.