We were able to help our client, and her dependant son, to gain EU settled status. This allowed them to claim homelessness, and for benefits, both of which were desperately needed.

When the client approached Nottingham Law Centre, she was working in a chip shop in exchange for the owners allowing her and her son to sleep in the storage room. She spoke very little English and made no income. 

She came to the Law Centre after finding out the chip shop was going to be sold, which would make her and her son homeless.

She was an EU citizen but, as she did not have EU settled status, she was not eligible to claim homelessness, and hence the Council had no duty to provide suitable accommodation for her and her child. Furthermore, her immigration status meant that she was not entitled to benefits such as Universal Credit, despite her poor financial situation.

Thankfully, our immigration team were able to sort out her immigration status under the EU Settlement Scheme, providing her with EU Settled Status.

This new status allowed the benefits team to assist and advise her in claiming the Universal Credit she was now eligible for, in order to help mitigate the poor financial situation that the client was in when she approached us.

Furthermore, the housing team successfully challenged the Council, who had been refusing to offer her accommodation.

I don't know what I would have done without the advisers at the Law Centre.

The client is now living in a new build house with her son, and she has found employment.

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